About us

“Astana Venue Management” LLP is a single management company with the largest cultural facilities of Astana city, such as “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation”, “Astana-Baiterek” tower, and is a company with 100% participation of the Akimat of the capital.


The objective of Astana Venue Management is to provide commercial and other services to entrepreneurs, tenants and other persons, opening new frontiers for interaction between cultural facilities and their visitors.

The management and team of employees of Astana Venue Management show positive and prompt results, have an understanding of the requirements imposed by the Akimat of the capital, the current situation in the field, and the practical and effective experience in solving problems can be considered very useful.

Regarding the practical experience of our team, we can summarize the following: the Partnership has carried out systematic work aimed at the analysis and development of facilities in the interests of the owner – the capital’s Akimat.

Thus, “Astana Venue Management” LLP has established itself as an effective management company, able to develop strategic tools for the development of municipal property. In this connection, Astana Venue Management can further take over other “problematic” enterprises, facilities of any sphere of sport, culture and others, which need effective management. The main competitive advantages of the company include its strong potential, extensive experience and high quality of services.